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The Perfect Shoe Fit

Shoe size recommendations for iOS and Android

Accurate Measurements

In the Palm of Your Hand

 Immediate  Result

AI Driven Pipeline 

We offer everything you need to provide your customers with the perfect shoe:

  • SDK for iOS and Android
  • Manage data in the Astrivis Cloud
  • AR-assisted scanning
  • Static 3D virtual try-on and shoe visualization
  • Live virtual try-on
  • Fully customizable UI

Your Foot Measurements Are Always With You

With our technology we can extract the users’ foot measurements with an error within one shoe size in 90% of the cases on hundreds of test models, and we are working hard to further increase the precision up to 99%.

The combination of 2D measurements, 3D geometry and statistics allow us to predict the perfect shoe fit for any type of shoe and all kinds of foot shape. This result can be obtained via latest state-of-the-art AI and computer vision algorithms that are optimized to run on mobile devices, without having to wait hours on cloud queues.

Plus, with the My Measurements View, you have your precise measurements always with you, together with the 3D model of your foot!

Multiple Features in One Single App

The Astrivis BodyScan App is not only about extracting measurements from 3D scans. In the Shop View, the user can browse between shoes and, after picking the desired shoe model, decide on the preferred size among the ones suggested by our algorithms. The customers can choose their perfect fit thanks to intuitive colored pressure heatmaps, that give an intuition on how tight or loose a certain shoe-size combination will fit on the toes or on the sides of their feet.

Moreover, with AR live 2D and static 3D virtual try-on, customers will have an unprecedented experience of virtually trying on any shoes as if they were real. Customers will have no surprises nor complains when their shoes arrive at home. It translates in less returns, smaller carbon footprint and increased customer satisfaction!


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