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The Perfect

Shoe Fit

3D Foot Measurements for iOS and Android

 Accurate Foot Measurements

 In  the Palm of Your Hand

AI Embedded Technology

Instant Result

We provide everything you need to get your perfect-fit shoes

  • Innovative 3D scanner to capture your foot data
  • User profile to stay updated with your foot measurements
  • Live virtual try-on
  • Static 3D virtual try-on
  • Personalized shoe-foot pressure heatmaps
  • Shoe size recommendation for every shoe

Find the perfect shoe fit within seconds, everywhere, at any time!

Our measurement extraction solutions are capable of providing precise foot measurements that are within one shoe size range in 90% of the cases*. Such stunning precision can be obtained thanks to solid 3D data captured by the Astrivis Software, which are combined with latest state-of-the-art research.

Does accurate mean slow? Not at all. The perfect shoe fit for you is computed in less than 60 seconds! You won’t need to wait hours in cloud queues to get your results. Plus, you have your data always with you, in the palm of your hand!

You can forget expensive, heavy specific hardware, because the Astrivis app works on your mobile phone or tablet, and without the need of reference objects.

We'll help you save costs and increase your customer satisfaction

With our solution embedded in your e-commerce you can save many costs related to the reverse logistic process, by reducing the occurrence of returns and simultaneously decreasing the carbon footprint of your company.

Not having to return their purchased shoes due to wrong sizes, your customer satisfaction will be dramatically increased. Also, providing the user with the perfect shoe fit will prevent help preventing health issues related to wrong posture. Lastly, we’ll grant the customer privacy by securely storing the scans in the cloud.

With the accuracy of 3D data you can also have a better understanding of your customers, create statistics on shoe fits and use this knowledge to produce shoes that are more and more comfortable for your customers.


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