Body Scanning: The convenience and efficiency of realtime scanning

The convenience and efficiency of realtime scanning

Capture and rendering of a foot 3D model

Increasingly, organizations are incorporating 3D scanning into their business model, offering their customers the ability to confidently purchase a shoe, insole, or support that is perfectly suited to their needs. Our innovative scanning technology enables the user to easily and accurately capture 3D models using a smartphone or tablet. Podiatrists can 3D scan a model of the foot, with the option to push it to our secure cloud servers for safe storage. As we show in this video of the mobile app in operation, our technology generates a 3D mesh on the mobile device, in Realtime, and in a matter of seconds.

3D models provide a record of not only shape but are also a valuable and persistent reference for physical measurements. Unlike other 3D scanning technologies which are rendered on the cloud, our realtime capture and rendering provides immediate feedback and user reassurance of the coverage and quality of the scan. Saving time that would otherwise be wasted in trial and error attempts, as in the case of cloud based rendering.

The securely stored 3D model can be retrieved and viewed with our 3D viewer, which is designed to be easily incorporated into websites and mobile apps.

Main features

With the Astrivis Software Development Kit you can easily add 3D scanning capability to your existing app, and use our robust API to manipulate and optionally store your 3D models. Cross Platform Compatibility: Works on Android & iOS powered devices. Easily and accurately extract measurements from the 3D model. Our scanning technology can be applied to many aspects of podiatry including the upper foot, heal, ankle and foot sole, and other positive forms such as lasts, as well negative representation of the foot such as foam box impressions, insoles, plaster and silicon moulds. The option of textured and untextured model rendering. The automatic texturing of the scanned 3D model makes it ideal for clinical applications. Colaborative Research and Development. We are driven by colaboration, share your ideas with us and and our R&D team will work with you to customize the core technology and satisfy your business needs.

Key benefits

100% Mobile solution: All that is required for scanning is a smartphone or tablet. No costly, additional specialist equipment. Non-contact scanning means that there are no hygiene concerns as with contact based procedures. No technical training is required. Our mobile application is intuitive, easy to use, and with a high level of accuracy. Versatile scanning: capture 3D data with the foot resting on a horizontal surface or in an elevated position. Easy integration with your mobile/web apps. Cross Platform Compatibility: Our app is developed for Android & iOS powered devices. Real time, on device processing and rendering provides instant confirmation of the quality of the scan. You will instantly know if the scanning process was successful or not. Timesaving and repeatible. Scans and digitises the foot in a simple and effective way, in a matter of seconds.

Who can benefit from our technology

  • Custom footwear / shoe manufacturers
  • Podiatrists and orthopedic foot / ankle specialists
  • Footwear retailers
  • Ecommerce retailers
  • Mobile application developers

Easy to use

Our technology makes 3D capturing of real life objects as easy as capturing a video. Simply direct the camera of you mobile device at the target object and start scanning. Next move your phone around the object of interest and watch as the 3D object takes shape. In a matter of seconds the scan is completed and the 3D model is then pushed to the cloud where it can be viewed, downloaded or further processed. Optional Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms further enhance the quality of the 3d model or automatically extract pre-defined measurements.

Cloud storage and Artificial Intelligence

We provide secure cloud storage for your models and the necessary tools to view or embed the models into your own webpage. In addition, state of the art Artificial Intelligence (AI) services can be configured to perform many different functions such as identifying objects and blurring out unwanted areas of the view. Creating 3D models or determining dimensions or volumes within an image or video sequence. The leading edge technology used by in our cloud enables us to rapidly and reliably adapt our service capacity in response to changes in demand.

Increased reach

If you are in the retail business you will be highy aware of the demand for bespoke, made to measure and the uniquely correct fit. This could not be any more important than in the footwear, and specialist footwear industries. Our application can integrated into a website or app augmenting your customer’s online experience. In the case of traditional retail outlets, podiatrist studios and surgeries, our mobile application can become an invaluable tool for capturing the 3D models and measurement of customers or patients feet.

Feature rich roadmap

With our continuous research and development program we work with visionary industry leaders to further develop and refine our AI capabilities. Our expert team of developers based in Switzerland, are constantly developing new features and capabilites. Employing best in class Continous Integration (CI) development practices and state of the art technology across our entire product and service offerings.

Our partner program

As part of our ongoing research and development we work with different industry sectors to further develop and refine our vision based artificial intelligence capabilities and product offerings. Whether it is 3D model rendering, measurement or quantification, object recognition and segmentation, 360 degree immersive experience, or something entirely novel, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.