A 3D Model is Worth a Thousand Images

To scan your home walk through the interior and point your phone/tablet to the different structures you want to reconstruct. While you scan the app will show you the different parts which have already been captured, allowing you to keep track on what still needs to be captured. The main benefits of our solutions are two fold. First the app runs on any smartphone or tablet and does not require you to buy any additional hardware. Second, the reconstruction is entirely computed on your device, allowing you to scan objects at remote places without internet access.

The possibilities around 3D models are endless. Let’s look at a few scenarios where indoor/outdoor 3D scans might be useful.

Device: iPad Pro | Scan Time: ~3min | #Points: ~2M


Taking measurements of large objects can be somehow tricky and time consuming. What if you forget to take one measurement or you want to take additional measurements. If you are still on site this is easy, but once once you have left the site this no longer possible. With a 3D scan you can take any arbitrary  metric measurements after the fact.


If you are an architect or interior designer the 3D scan will help you integrate and visualize your renovation ideas to your customer. Besides creating visualizations with different wallpapers or colors you can also take measurements of surface to then be able to order the right amount of color/wallpaper.

The 3D model can also be used for visualization using any VR/AR/MR goggles. This will allow your customer to immerse into their future home. A perfect why to pitch your ideas to customers and let them try different kitchen configurations or bathroom tiling.


Many archaeological  places are not accessible to everyone, but are still of interest to the greater public. A 3D scan gives you the possible to share such a space and allow people to virtually explore an ancient castle without damaging the space.


When performing restorations having many before and after images is helpful but are hard to navigate through. With bigger objects referencing the images to the different part of the object becomes harder. With a 3D scan the images are automatically referenced to the 3D object. You can navigate the 3D model and let the system show you the 2D image of a particular part of the object, without having to scroll through hundreds of images. 


There is nothing easier than taking a 3D scan of a open trench to document buried pipe networks. If you need to dig up a road to fix pipe network, knowing where the pipes run is not always clear. With the Geo-referencing capabilities of our 3D scanning app, this becomes an easy task. On site, the pipes can be augmented over your camera feed, providing you with a true AR experience.

Device: iPad Pro | Scan Time: ~30 secs | #Points: ~300k