Online Vehicle Presentations that Stand Out

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The facts are evident

FACT: 86 percent of people shopping for vehicles conduct research online before visiting a dealership.

Consumers don’t buy cars online, but that doesn’t mean the online experience isn’t central to the automotive purchase journey: Approximately 86 percent of car shoppers conduct online research before deciding to visit a local dealership, according to new research from digital marketing agency Adtaxi.

FACT: A survey conducted in 2019 on more than 1000 buyers of new and used cars shows that 91% of who browsed 360′ images and bought or leased vehicles, rated 360′ images as being very or extremely useful.

Similar research from Think With Google confirms this behaviour: In fact, twice as many consumers reportedly start their research online versus at a dealer, presenting “a huge opportunity for brands and dealers to influence customers before they get to the store.” (source)

Main features

Background anonymized

Interactive 360° vehicle models

Interior and exterior scanning

Interactive annotation of damages, features or customisation

Automatic timestamp

Automatic geolocation

Damage documentation of vehicle

Key benefits

Reduce the visual data acquisition time by up to 80%

SIMPLE operation, directly from your smartphone; NO TURNTABLE / ADDITIONAL HARDWARE required

Integrated in your software, so all data is already organized to fit your internal data structure

Gives customer trust and security by offering them rich and interactive visual data, wrapped in an immersive experience

Stand out from the online crowd by offering a different, richer car presentation experience

Who can benefit

Vehicle Rental Companies

Vehicle Wholesalers & Leasing Companies

Classic Car Specialists

Car Design Centers

Fleet Management Software Providers

Increased reach

The experience is everything. Our technology enables you to capture and share a fully immersive 360 degree participation with your audience. Exterior and interior views are captured and made available as embedded content within your website, or mobile app, providing your users with a compelling interactive experience that is engaging and increases audience access. Whatever you are showcasing, our technology ensures that you can capture the experience and share it, with minimum effort and maximum effect.

Easy to use

Our mobile App makes capturing the immersive 360 experience easy. Simply point the camera of your mobile device at the object you want to capture, and start recording. With the object within the frame, walk steadibly around the object until you return to where you started, and stop recording. The video is then automatically pushed to our cloud where it is processed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) image processing services and made available as a thumbnail and animated preview, as well as the larger view-360 immersive view with interactive features. In addition to the 360 immersive experience we also offer the option to capture and display panoramic views. With the use of a small, portable, two camera device, an outward facing 360 degree scene can be captured. Perfect for sharing the interior of vehicles, architectural interiors such as hotels, restaurants, gyms, spas, apartments, or even a favorite panoramic lake view or mountain top vista.

Cloud hosted AI

Our mobile app pushes video to our cloud where it is processed by a pipeline of state of the art Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. These services can be configured to perform many different functions such as identifying objects and blurring out unwanted areas of the view. Creating 3D models or determining dimensions or volumes within an image or video sequence. The leading edge technology used by in our cloud enables us to rapidly and reliably adapt our service capacity in response to changes in demand.

Feature rich roadmap

With our continuous research and development program we work with visionary industry leaders to further develop and refine our AI capabilities. Our expert team of developers based in Switzerland, are constantly developing new features and capabilites. Employing best in class Continous Integration (CI) development practices and state of the art technology across our entire product and service offerings.

Our partner program

As part of our ongoing research and development we work with different industry sectors to further develop and refine our vision based artificial intelligence capabilities and product offerings. Whether it is 3D model rendering, measurement or quantification, object recognition and segmentation, 360 degree immersive experience, or something entirely novel, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.