Object digitalization & Archiving​

Have you considered digitizing an object of your choice into 3d models with just your smartphone?

With Astrivis’ 3D scanning solution, we aim to streamline your workflow and save you precious time and costs by increasing flexibility in conducting 3D scans of physical objects. By converting any smartphone into a 3D scanner, our solution allows you to quickly generate accurate 3D models of objects, enabling digital planning and rapid prototyping for designers, or creating digital archives for future reference. With more efficient and cost-effective solution of object documentation, preservation, digitalization, our mobile 3D scanning solution ultimately leads to improved productivity and better decision-making


3D Planning & Prototyping

Astrivis’ mobile 3D scanning solution is perfect for designers, manufacturers, and business owners looking to streamline their product development process. With a smartphone, users can easily create accurate 3D models of physical objects in just minutes and quickly iterate designs. Our 3D prototyping solution is transforming the approach of product development, reducing time-to-market, and enabling greater design freedom. Our technology is also beneficial for individual designers who want to bring their ideas to life without the high cost of traditional prototyping methods.

3D Documentation

Astrivis offers a mobile 3D documentation and archiving solution which has been tested in various fields, such as car rental pre-archiving, construction documentation, heritage preservation, and more. By digitizing objects into 3D models, our solution enables businesses to create digital archives for future reference, streamline workflows, and reduce risks. With the ability to create 3D models on-the-go, our solution provides more flexibility and efficiency compared to traditional documentation methods.

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