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Insufficient customer traffic, challenges in attracting new customers, and limited reach to remote areas.


High risk of triggering returns due to unlike or ill-fitting problems, resulting in the loss of precious time and costs. Lack of personalized guidance or recommendation services.


Inability to map, manage, and maintain a unified customer profile with personal data or preferences.


3D shoe size recommendation

3D Sizing Solution

Astrivis offers mobile 3D sizing solutions for ecommerce and omnichannel businesses. Our solutions use advanced 3D scanning technology to enable businesses to accurately and efficiently measure various body parts from their smartphones, improving the fit and comfort of existing products and reducing returns, labor costs, material waste, and CO2 emissions. With a focus on innovation and user experience, our 3D sizing solutions are transforming the way businesses approach sizing and customization, with a success rate of over 90% for achieving perfect fit.

3D Product Viewer & AR Try On

Astrivis’ solution of 2.5 Viewer & AR Try-On drives ecommerce conversions with advanced 3D scanning technology that allows customers to interact with digital product models in a virtual environment. Our AR Try-On feature boosts customer confidence and reduces returns, while our user-friendly solutions are compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms. We are transforming the way businesses approach digitalization and online shopping, leading to higher conversion rates and providing an enhanced digital shopping experience.

How It Works

Astrivis’ suite of cutting-edge tools plays a critical role at every stage of your enhanced digital customer journey cycle. From our 2.5 Viewer & AR Try-On solution that generates interest during the consideration phase and drives conversion, to our accurate sizing tools that promise perfect fit and improve customer satisfaction, to the collection of customer sizing data for future analysis and product design, our tools empower businesses to create engaging and immersive shopping experiences for your customers from start to finish.


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