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Try-on Shoes Like Never Before

With Astrivis AR shoe try-on feature, you can shop for shoes online with confidence. Simply point your phone’s camera at your feet and select the shoe you want to try on. Our state-of-the-art AR technology will superimpose the shoe onto your feet, allowing you to see exactly how it looks before making a purchase.

But that’s not all. Astrivis takes it a step further by providing a 3D geometry view of your feet, allowing you to change the shoe model and view it from different perspectives. Want to compare different shoes side by side? No problem! You can even render a different shoe model on each of your feet. 

Beyond Virtual Try-on:
See Inside Your Shoes with X-Ray

Virtual try-on alone is not always enough. Have you considered the benefits of having an X-Ray view of your feet in the shoe to see how it fits? Combined with Astrivis advanced foot scanning technology, you will be able to see exactly how the selected shoes will fit on your feet before making a purchase. With just a few taps, you can see a 3D view of your feet in the selected shoe model, and even select the shoe size. We could also indicate 3D pressure zones, letting you know if the shoe would be tight or not.

No more guessing on sizing or wondering if a shoe will look good on you. X-Ray provides a fun and interactive way to shop for shoes online, ensuring you make a purchase you’ll be happy with. With our AR-Tryon and shoe sizing feature, the digital shopping experience could not get any better than this.

Enhancing the Experience for Your Customers

For the athlete who needs that perfect fit of running shoe, the retail worker who is on their feet all day and needs the comfort of perfectly customized orthopedic insoles, or the business person in need of comfortable tailored travel shoes. Our technology can enhance your customer’s experience whether in-store or online.

In-store, Practice or at Home

The convenience, low cost and accessibility of our 3D scanning solution makes it the perfect choice, whether it is to complement your in-store customer service, an innovative tool in the pedology practice or for customers to use at home as part of their online shopping experience.Our 3D Scanning app runs regular smartphones and tablets, requiring no additional hardware and is easy to use.

A Simple and Repeatable Workflow

The Astrivis Eco-system consists of the 3D Scanning app which runs on the mobile device which is linked to a user account in the Astrivis Cloud. The scanning data, or model, is stored in the Astrivis Cloud and can be accessed for measurement extraction and shoe sizing, or for example – the creation of 3D printed insoles.

How It Works

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