3D Face Scan​

Astrivis mobile 3D face scanning mode - ultra-fast 3D AI facial reconstruction with texture, all from your phone

3D AI Face Segmentation

Astrivis provides an advanced auto face feature segmentation pipeline which automatically identifies and separates specific facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows from the 3D model. It simplifies and enhances the analysis and manipulation of facial data, offering exciting possibilities for a range of industries, from entertainment and gaming to healthcare and biometrics.

face segmentation


Our mobile 3D face scanning technology opens up a wide range of potential applications. In the fashion world, it enables virtual fitting experiences and customized eyewear design options. In gaming and augmented reality, it allows for immersive and lifelike character creation. Additionally, it has promising applications in healthcare for facial analysis, orthodontics, and reconstructive surgery. The possibilities for reshaping digital interactions are endless.