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Have you considered using a mobile 3D scanning solution to make healthcare more convenient for your patients and customers?


With Astrivis 3D Body Scan technology, we aim to simplify your workflow and save you precious time and costs by increasing flexibility in the diagnostic, treatment, and monitoring processes. By converting every doctor’s and patient’s smartphone into a 3D scanner, our solution allows them to quickly generate accurate 3D models of body parts, extract precise measurements, assist in diagnosis with simple one-click cloud data transmission, as well as create customized orthotics and conduct post-recovery remote tests. This enables more personalized, effective, and low-cost patient care, ultimately leading to better health for everyone.


3D Foot Scanning

Astrivis mobile 3D scanning software is a fast, affordable, and highly mobile solution for accurately capturing foot shape and measurement. With three scanning options available (foot dorsum scan, foot sole scan, foot molding foam box scan), clinicians can customize their approach to better meet patient needs. With high mobility, healthcare professionals can conduct foot scans in various settings, making it more convenient for patients to receive care. Astrivis mobile 3D scanning software improves patient outcomes by providing accurate and personalized treatment.

3D Leg Scanning

The Astrivis mobile 3D leg scanning solution provides healthcare professionals with a fast, accurate, and highly mobile technology for capturing the shape and measurements of patients’ legs. With applications in orthotics and prosthetics, this technology offers a non-invasive solution for patients. The mobile 3D scanning capability enables clinicians to conduct scans in various settings, making it more convenient for patients to receive care.

3D Face Scanning

Photorealistic face scans, accompanied by measurements and lifelike avatars, can be created using the Astrivis 3D scanning Ecosystem. This technology enables healthcare professionals to quickly capture a detailed 3D model of a patient’s face, providing a comprehensive analysis of facial features and structures. With potential applications in cosmetic surgery, facial recognition, and orthodontic treatments, this technology is revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals approach facial analysis and treatment planning.

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